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How does the Southern Belle keep her peaches-and-cream complexion? She keeps her regimen simple with nature’s original pore-detoxifying, skin-clarifying, mineralizing, and wrinkle-minimizing Magnesium Bentonite Clay.

Experience the mineral composition with ingredients designed by God and favored by women (and men) of all ages looking to ease inflammation, dark under-eye circles, and puffiness. Discover the time-tested treatment used to soften and tighten skin and clear blemishes. Treat your skin to a healthy dose of Magnesium, Silicon, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese and more than 40 trace minerals.

Use as often as desired as a facial mask, foot soak, or mineral bath. Mississippi Miracle Clay's Magnesium Bentonite works quickly, bringing out the natural beauty God gave you. Use as often as desired. Should natural thickening occur over time, simply add a little water and stir. Our clay is hand-crafted and hand-mined.

Directions: Apply to face and allow to dry for 10-20 minutes. Once dry, remove with cool or cold water. Uses Include Facial Masks, Foot Soaks, Mineral Baths and More! Be sure to close the lid tightly. If hydrated clay starts to dry, add spring water to rehydrate.
Ingredients: Magnesium Bentonite Clay (Silicon, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Sulfur, Manganese, Titanium, Phosphorus, Iron, Sodium) and Purified Water (aqua).
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Reviews (3)

Sherri Aug 9th 2016

Healing relief!

Wonderful itch relief!! My husband had surgery & had hives completely all over back for two weeks. Nothing seemed to help until this! It stopped the itching & is drying up the area affected. I highly recommend! Love that it is not greasy & doesn't leave residue.

Akta Patel Jul 29th 2016

Miracle Working Acne Abolisher

For years I struggled with really bad acne, I had cystic acne, and not even makeup could cover it. Nothing, not even clean and clear or proactive could help. Prescribed Medication wold only temporarily help. I had huge cysts all over my face. Around my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. And boy did they hurt like crazy. I hated taking pictures and going out in public. It was miserable, and my cysts would turn white and not only disgust others but also me. Then I found out about mississippi miracle clay, and it definitely was a worked like a miracle. I've been using this clay for 2 years and I have not experienced another cyst on my face since then!! I do get a small zit here and there, but after putting clay on it, it is gone within 1-2 days. This really is a miracle. I put on a mask every night and sleep in it, dries within seconds rather than traditional mud masks and does not stain my pillows or sheets. It easily washes of because it is water based. I love this stuff and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Also works wonders on scrapes, cuts, and burns!

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