65% Alcohol Spray Hand Sanitizer Batch 7, 2oz

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65% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray, 2oz

This is a moisturizing blend of hand sanitizer.  It is 65% alcohol so it great to use on the hands for sanitizing.  It is not a replacement for hand washing but can be used when hand washing is not available. The formula is highly moisturizing to the skin.  Great for people whose hands are overdried from the current high level of required sanitizing and washing.  

Ingredients: Ethanol, Organic Glycerin, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary

Please limit your order to 1. We can't obtain enough alcohol to supply all the hand sanitizer everyone truly needs. 


*Make it yourself at home*

(If you need formulating advice, please email us at Info@MississippiMiracleClay.com)

Formula Notes:

*You must measure by weight and not volume.  Again, YOU MUST MEASURE BY WEIGHT AND NOT VOLUME.

*If you add more oil than the formula requires, it will not be considered and effective hand sanitizer as the alcohol % will fall below 60%.

*Everclear 190 proof is a liquor bought at the liquor store. 

Simple Formula 12

Alcohol: 128 oz Everclear 190 Proof (95% Alcohol)

Oils: 59.08oz Glycerin (Mix oils first if using more than one oil but do not exceed 59.08 oz of oils)

Add oils to Alcohol and Mix. Bottle as soon as possible.

(You can divide this formula by 1/2 or by 1/10 to make a small batch.  For Example, 1/10 batch is 12.8oz Everclear 190 proof to 5.91 oils).

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