Independence Day: Let your Skin Be Free!

Independence Day: Let Your Skin Be Free!

Can there be any better time to kick off old beauty habits and grasp independence than on Independence Day?

It takes a strong and independent mind to free itself from the marketing tactics of commercial cosmetic manufacturers. Possibly one of the easiest way break free from chemical based skin “care” is to start using Mississippi Miracle Clay’s 100% natural and chemical free products!

Mineral clays have been proven at least in part to work by a process known as cation exchange. Put simply this means that they attract toxins and impurities from the surface they are applied to a little similar to the way a magnet attracts metal. This is why some clays are considered potentially beneficial not only with drawing away dirt and grime when applied to the skin but also when dealing with infections. The impurities are then held within the clay itself until it is washed away - A natural and efficient method of detoxing the skin which has the additional bonus of being relaxing!

Why not, as a sign of your independence, try Mississippi Miracle Clay to mineralize and detoxify your skin the natural way!

When enjoying Mississippi Miracle Clay’s Facial mask, the important part is to make sure to sit back and relax! There’s nothing better for the skin than to free it from stress! The preferred method of relaxation is to sit with your feet elevated. An even more beneficial option is to lay in a hot tub and soak away your stress. 20 minutes later rinse the clay mask off with cool water and feel the difference in your skin. Of course, you can do a clay mask of shorter duration even if you can only relax for a few minutes! Your body will appreciate any relaxation time it can get!

Mississippi Miracle Clay’s detoxifying and Mineralizing face mask and 20 minutes with your feet elevated will not only cleanse and detoxify your skin but also relax you more than you would ever have believed possible.

The benefits of Mississippi Miracle Clay for the skin are apparent to those who use it but clays are not something new and have in fact been appreciated for many centuries. Records exist even as far back as the famous Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder (79 AD), not only for cleaning the skin but also improving fine lines and wrinkles. In the 21st century we are still waiting for science to confirm what Pliny the Elder suggested and what many more both before and since have found.

But the benefits of Mississippi Miracle Clay are provable on a personal level. So consider trying our Clay for yourself! Shake off the old thinking about chemical based skin care, open your mind and exercise a little independence!

As the big day dawns experiment a little with Mississippi Miracle Clay and prove to yourself what benefits it can bring to both you and your skin!

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