Love, Rinse, Repeat: ​Love Your Soap and Your Skin!

Your skin loves to be clean but hates to be dry and itchy, so it is important to find a soap suitable for your skin. You’ve tried many so called “sensitive” skin bars in the market only to find that they aren’t that helpful for sensitive skin. (Most, if not all, of those “sensitive” bars in the supermarkets are not soap but what is referred to as SYNDET which stands for synthetic detergent soaps. Synthetic detergents can hardly be classed as good for sensitive skin.) Mississippi Miracle Clay has a wonderful selection of soaps that are perfect for all skin types – oily, dry, sensitive, or combination. Our soaps are used for washing the face, removing makeup, washing the body, shaving, and as shampoo too!

Mississippi Miracle Clay's line of special Mineral Castile soaps combine special clay with therapeutic essential oils and healing herbs. This great all natural combination of minerals, herbs, and oils has a synergistic effect on the skin as all these natural ingredients work together to nourish and revitalize even the most sensitive skin. It is a miracle combination that really softens your skin and makes it look great!

  • Lavender Tea Tree & Neem Leaf Mineral Castile Soap: made with fragrant essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree along with the traditional Neem Leaf and Mississippi Miracle Clay. This soap has a strong lavender scent with the undertones of tea tree and neem. Great for shaving and washing the hair as well.
  • Citrus Anise & Tumeric Root Mineral Castile Soap: made with natural essential oils of Citrus and Anise along with Tumeric Root and Mississippi Miracle Clay. The turmeric and clay blend in this soap is absolutely wonderful. The scent of the soap is strong in the anise scent overpowering the citrus. If you like the smell of licorice, this soap will be a favorite of yours.
  • Rosemary Mint & Kudzu Root Mineral Castile Soap: made with the invigorating oils of Rosemary, Spearming, and Peppermint combined with Kudzu Root and Mississippi Miracle Clay. This soap is definitely invigorating. Great for washing the hair as well. The Rosemary Mint oil in this soap is strong.
  • The Original MMC Soap Unscented: This is the best-selling soap and favorite for those with the most sensitive of skin. Castor oil, Olive oil, Clay and Vitamin E combine to sooth and cleanse the skin.

These fragrant, all-natural, and extra gentle Mineral Castile Soaps promise you the best result for your skin treatment. They are ideal for cleaning. Use them to wash your hair, body or face, to remove makeup. They are great even for shaving. They are so gentle; you can even use it on your baby's precious skin. They smell fresh while they leave your skin incredibly soft and smooth. Moreover, they naturally clean away bacteria and detoxify and are especially helpful for itchy, inflamed skin conditions. So, they are beneficial to any skin type. Try a bar of Mississippi Miracle Clay soap today and see the difference in your skin!

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