Magnificence of Magnesium: Magnesium Deficiency and Cation Exchange

Mississippi Miracle Clay and the Magnificence of Magnesium: Magnesium Deficiency and Cation Exchange

Magnesium is an element essential to every cell in our body and it also plays a significant role in muscle function. Yet there can be little doubt that today many, if not most people, are actually magnesium deficient.The reasons for the lack of magnesium in our bodies are multiple, but two of the main problems are related to the way land has been overworked and so depleted of nutrients and how water is purified.

Most people are aware of how land is being robbed of nutrients, and in some cases farmers do replace them. However this rarely happens with magnesium. So, as plants grow they can be lacking in this essential element and subsequently we see our intake of magnesium much reduced. Yet, despite the fact that our declining magnesium intake is being linked to an ever increasing list of illnesses, little effort or research has gone into resolving the issue (1).

The number of illnesses which have been linked to magnesium deficiency are far too numerous to specify here, however it is well known that magnesium is essential not only to both muscle and nerve function, but it has also been strongly linked to some specific well-known conditions including, restless leg syndrome, high blood pressure, heart disease and osteoporosis (2).

If you research magnesium you will often see it referred to as a 'cation' and this is where our Mississippi Miracle Clay, high in magnesium, comes in. The process of 'cation exchange' is well known to many gardeners. It means that soils not only release nutrients to plants but they also extract and neutralize the toxic aspects. Cations are the good nutrients which soils contain and which plants, and also humans, need. Magnesium is one of these essential elements or cations. Mississippi Miracle Clay contains a high level of magnesium and this is one of the compounds it releases by the cation exchange process to restore depleted magnesium levels. Our clay detoxifies while remineralizing the body.

It is also well known that magnesium when applied topically (to the skin) is absorbed through it and into the body. This is why many people who have muscle and joint problems find that taking a bath containing Mississippi Miracle Clay find it eases their pain and acts as a general relaxant. However today many people have showers installed in their homes or lead busy lives so this option may not be convenient for them.

Another way of obtaining additional magnesium also, of course, includes taking a supplement. However many people find that magnesium supplements don't always agree with them and there are precious few available which don't contain additional fillers and flow agents providing the much sought after natural solution. Taking Mississippi Miracle Clay powdered Clay internally is one pure way to replace this essential mineral.

If you have problems with muscles, joints or general tics and twitches one of the products we always recommend to try is our All Natural Muscle and Joint Rub. It is also suitable for sports injuries or applying to specific parts of the body which are subject to constant stress during the course of a normal day. To complement the soothing effects of our magnesium clay our joint rub also contains the refreshing, minty essence of camphor, cajuput and spicy clove bud, an herbal essence long since held to be a fine and effective pain reliever.

If you are having trouble with joints whether they are sore, swollen or ache, why not consider trying our Mississippi Miracle Clay to see if it resolves your problems and you can also relax in the knowledge that our Muscle and Joint Rub is 100% natural and contains no synthetic ingredients.


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