What on Earth?!?! The Origins, Types and General Uses of Clay

What on Earth???

The Origins, Types, and General Uses of Clay

For centuries, bentonite clay has been used for health and beauty benefits. Bentonite clay contains minerals used for healing, detoxification and other therapeutic purposes. The benefits of bentonite clay are tremendous. It helps rid the body of toxins, chemicals, parasites, metals, viruses and anything with a positive ionic charge in the body by absorbing and removing these toxins from the body while replenishing the system with minerals such as silicon, magnesium, sulfur, etc. The primary practices for the use of bentonite clay are: of drinking as a liquid; applying as a clay mask/poultice; or using as a bath or foot soak.

Not all clays are created equally. Clay was formed millions of years ago from volcanic ash. When a volcano explodes, lava form seven separate and distinct family groups. Within these seven families there are thousands of different types of mineral compositions. These different compositions form different types of clays. The most prevalent types of clays are:

Kaolin Clay: Known for their uses in anti-diarrheal products, such as Kaopectate. Kaolin clay acts primarily as a bulking agent and some health food companies sell it as a mineral supplement.

Illite Clay: Known for many commercial applications. Illite clay It is a green mineral clay found in marine settings. Some cosmeceutical companies use this industrial clay in their mud formulations

Chlorite Clay: Known for their abrasive and cleansing properties. Never use this caustic, abrasive clay on your body.

Vermiculite Clay: Used in pottery and other applications, such as porcelain finishes on metals.

Smectite Clay: Used mainly for health and dietary purposes as well as for many industrial applications. This clay has the unique ability to adsorb and absorb toxins at a greater rate than any other type of clay. Within the Smectite family there are hundreds of different types of clays, each one consistsed of many minerals. Montmorillonite clay used in industry and in many food stores. <not sure that what means .. used in industry and food stores? A subcategory of Montmorillonite clay is Bentonite Clay, a swelling clay, with healing attributes. There are different types of bentonite clay; each one is named after the respective dominant element, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium or aluminum.

Magnesium Bentonite Clay is a rare clay, a true miracle, containing many minerals used for healing, detoxification and other therapeutic purposes. By adding Magnesium Bentonite Clay to your life, you are adding one of the most important parts of Nature’s Pharmacy.

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